2021 – 2022
Through touch, an act focused on the tactile is placed at the center of attention...

Natura facit saltus

2011 – 2017
As the result of ongoing processes, these objects are a fixation of a moment that contains everything that..


Leafs were plucked, chopped, pestled in a mortar with ethanol solution - ephemeral becomes the central topic..


2016 - 2019
Artists and scholars investigate artistic practices motivated by the idea of the photographic and the filmic..

anima vitae

2015 - 2016
The monastery library of the Benedictine Abbey in Admont (AT) was infested with various types of insects...

In the Process of Touching – Interrelated Reactions

2012 – a not-yet-realized project
An installation for an experiment on behavior investigates the relationship between...


2010 - 2011
The first inspiration for this work is owed to the rich wealth of imagery of the Mithras Cult of antiquity...

Sphaera Incognita

2006 - 2008
Films in this series originate from cooperations with scientists in the fields of archeology, microbiology...

Mnemosyne II

2006 - 2008
In a darkened room - thin strips, alternating between mirror surfaces and luminescent afterglow pigments...

Myself II

2007 - 2010
My body’s own bacteria dried on linen sheets. The presentation generates cultural-historical references...

Bacterium – Natura Viva

Canvases coated with light-sensitive bacteria cultures and exposed directly in a camera obscura - views into nature..

Domus Aurea

Bacteria are destroying frescoes in the Domus Aurea, the same bacteria are employed to create a new image world...


2005 - 2008
Human skin is a habitat for various kinds of bacteria cultures. An imprint of my body in an agar nutrient...

Mnemosyne I

2003 - 2007
A walk-in container, light enters through a lens onto fluorescent color pigments - interrupted by a shutter...

The Way into the Light

The central theme, cyanobacteria’s movement towards light, is observed under the microscope and filmed....

Bacterium – Vanitas

2000 - 2001
Cyano bacteria migrate to light, the decay of the original is juxtaposed with the emergence of the image...

Bacterium – Self-Testimonials

1999 - 2001
Cyano bacteria moving towards light, microscopic images of the bacteria, a “super sign” of themselves...


1999 - 2000
Cyanobacteria, due to photo-tactical properties tend toward the light. A negative of a submarine bunker...

Rooms of Glass

1999 - 2002
Vitrines in museums with their exhibits are covered with black cloth, turning them into a camera obscura...

Light Images in Water

Light not only falls directly onto paper – the rays also refract in the water and reflect on water’s surface...

Rooms – Photographic Deconstructions

1995 – 1997
The room is completely dark; light only falls through a tiny hole onto the large sheet of photo paper...

Houses of God

A truck converted into a pinhole camera, churches across Germany, transparent film, referencing diaphaneity...

Illusion of Power

1994 – 1995
A journey to Hitler’s monumental architecture, truck as camera obscura, Speer’s Cathedral of Light...

Città del Duce II

Pinhole camera, my car as a darkroom, developing and fixing the exposures on site, enter the crypt of Mussolini ...

Città del Duce

Architecture of the Mussolini era, a truck converted into a pinhole camera, theatrical stagesets void of humans...